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Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church is a congregation founded on the idea that the church needs to be a place where people engage the world. From its inception, Scioto Ridge opened its doors to youth who played basketball. Children and youth were welcomed and families came to be an integral part of our vision. The early configuration of the building was one that visually showed the connection of faith and mission. The sanctuary was a multi-purpose space that was used for fellowship gatherings, outreach and mission, as well as worship.

Even though the building has been changed over the years, this value is still important. The sanctuary still gets filled with children and adults dancing and singing during Vacation Bible School. Upward Basketball is one of the newest ministries and reminds us of our roots with youth in the community. The building is seen as a tool for ministry and gets used in a variety of ways by a variety of people. We want people to experience the love of Jesus as they experience the place and people we call Scioto Ridge.

However, the beautiful building is only a part of who we are. You will find our congregation dispersed in ministry in our community and around the world. We are involved in helping people in a variety of ways in Hilliard and around the City of Columbus. We also send mission trips to areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Mexico. Even though the emphasis and focus and places of our mission may change, our purpose does not. We are empowering all God's people to fulfill their call as servants of Christ. Sometimes that starts by helping someone embrace the basic idea that they are God's child.

We know God with our heads, love God with our hearts, and serve God with our hands. As our logo depicts, we desire to be a river of life flowing through our community transforming the world as it splashes along the path God directs.

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